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How long does the GLO-LIGHT last each night?

The GLO-LIGHT battery lasts between 6 and 8 hours when fully charged and will slowly fade out after that.  Generally speaking, for each hour of good sunlight GLO-LIGHT will generate an hour of great illumination for your sign. 

How much does each GLO-LIGHT cost?

When buying the bulk, GLO-LIGHT costs less than a yard sign. For large volume purchases please contact us for a quote.

What size signs does the GLO-LIGHT work on?

GLO-LIGHTS are designed around the most common 24″x18″ signs and will easily work for signs up to 36″x18″.  For bigger signs we recommending two GLO-LIGHT.

Does GLO-LIGHT illuminate both sides of the sign?

GLO-LIGHT provide the exact same light to both sides of your side. This will help promote your message from both directions.

Can I see some real footage of how the GLO-LIGHTS works?

Here is a time-lapse of the GLO-LIGHT outside in action!

Are there limitations on where I can place the GLO-LIGHT?

As with any solar-powered battery, the GLO-LIGHT relies on direct sunlight to charge. If you have a lot of shade or overcast weather, the sign will not work optimally. We recommend making sure the sign is completely vertical and not under a tree or other overhang that would cause shade.

How hard is the GLO-LIGHT to put together?

It takes less than 20 seconds to put up a GLO-LIGHT. Check out the assembly example here:

Installing GLO-LIGHT onto your sign.

Is there any way to customize the GLO-LIGHT ?

Great question! We currently mass produce only the white light version, but there are opportunities to change the casing and light colors. There can even be flashing or multicolor lights used. Please reach out to us through the contact form so we can chat details and possibilities!

What about the legal stuff?

GLO-LIGHT is PATENTED U.S. Patent Number US D962,516 S. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy and Return Policy pages.